higher education

  • ‘The Merit Myth’

    Anthony P. Carnevale, one of the authors of 'The Merit Myth," discusses his new book about how colleges admit and serve students.

  • Canaries in a ‘Toxic Mine’

    Professors at Ohio U say tenure-track faculty cuts can't simply be blamed on COVID-19, but rather long-term financial mismanagement.

  • A Requiem for Academics

    James Grossman, executive director of the American Historical Association, noted that older academics are both the bridges and the glue of not just institutions, but all sorts of identification that people have, and can hold an institution and people together.

  • April is the Cruelest Month: Teaching History Now

    by Carolyn Eisenberg

    History teachers have two urgent challenges: helping their students cope with this crisis, and helping them understand the society that created it. Neither allows teaching as usual.

  • Don’t Forget About Graduate Students

    by Nadirah Farah Foley

    Our labor sustains colleges’ educational mission. Now it’s time for universities to sustain us.

  • College Worth Fighting For

    by Ryan Boyd

    Professors are in a class struggle, a real fight that cannot be won with critique alone.

  • Academe’s Coronavirus Shock Doctrine

    by Anna Kornbluh

    Faculty are already stretched thin, and now they are being asked to do more. They should hesitate before doing so.