Native American history

  • How Mount Rushmore Became Mount Rushmore

    Historian Gene A. Smith and Oglala Lakota activist Nick Tilsen offer contest for the creation of the monument, its relationship to tribal lands, and the legacies of Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt from an indigenous point of view. 

  • Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mayor Says Controversial Monuments Will Go

    Santa Fe Mayor Alan Webber announced Wednesday that the city would be removing two monuments honoring Kit Carson, who commanded U.S. troops who forced Navajos to a concentration camp in the 1860s, as well as a statue of Don Diego De Vargas, a Spanish conquistador who murdered hundreds of Pueblo people.

  • An Act of Remembering Native American Children Who Died so Long Ago

    The Carlisle Indian Industrial School took Native children from their families in an effort to strip them of their language, culture and religion. This year, COVID restrictions limited but did not stop annual remembrance of children who died there. 

  • Ask Who Paid for America’s Universities

    by Tristan Ahtone and Robert Lee

    The Morrill Act created endowment funds from land that the U.S. Government took from Native Americans with little or no compensation. Addressing the problems of public universities must not exclude addressing the problems of Native communities.