urban history

  • Wisconsin’s Long History As Swing State

    Wisconsin's status as a swing state in presidential elections is nothing new. It reflects the state's part in major trends in American history including immigration, urbanization, and the rural-urban divide.

  • Shanghai’s Past, Hong Kong’s Future

    by James Carter and Jeffrey Wasserstrom

    The story of Hong Kong and Shanghai isn’t simply a defining story of the last two centuries of Chinese history. It is really the story of all world cities around the globe today: how they thrive and how they decline.

  • The Cities We Need (Editorial)

    Our cities are broken because affluent Americans have been segregating themselves from the poor, and our best hope for building a fairer, stronger nation is to break down those barriers.

  • Cities and States need Aid – But Also Oversight

    by Daniel Wortel-London and Brent Cebul

    The history of New Deal-era federal aid to local governments suggests that cities need both funds and strict oversight; programs that worked through local business elites often created unsupportable demands on local finances. 

  • COVID-19 and the Color Line

    by Colin Gordon, Walter Johnson, Jason Q. Purnell, and Jamala Rogers

    The disproportionate toll COVID-19 has taken on black Americans is a product of conscious choices by actors at every level of government and private industries like banking, insurance and real estate. 

  • States Are in Crisis. Why Won’t Trump Help?

    by Lizabeth Cohen

    The abandonment of a federalist system where states are accountable to Washington and residents everywhere can expect equitable treatment is recasting the United States of America to favor States over United.