• A Song That Changed Music Forever

    by David Hajdu

    With “Crazy Blues,” Mamie Smith opened the door to a surge of powerfully voiced female singers who defied the conventions of singerly gentility to make the blues a popular phenomenon in the 1920s.

  • Bob Dylan Has a Lot on His Mind

    by Douglas Brinkley

    Historian Douglas Brinkley and the Nobel laureate Bob Dylan discuss the COVID pandemic, the effects of electronic media, and American history in music in a wide-ranging interview. 

  • Exclusive First Look at New Photograph of Blues Legend Robert Johnson

    Even if he didn’t sell his soul at the Crossroads, the massively influential Mississippi guitarist remains shrouded in mystery. An upcoming memoir from his 94-year-old stepsister brings new depth to Johnson’s mythos—and the third verified picture of him in existence.