Democratic Party

  • Why Americans Don’t Vote Their Class Anymore

    Eric Levitz argues that the left can't expect to build class solidarity just because candidates like Bernie Sanders talk about it; the institutions that have historically allowed it to develop are gone. 

  • Responses to an ‘Open Letter to the New New Left’

    The Nation publishes two critical responses to the recent "Open Letter to the New New Left," which criticized a perceived unwillingness by young leftists to unite around Joe Biden's candidacy to defeat Donald Trump. 

  • When Centrists Sounded Like Bernie

    by Ed Burmila

    If today’s centrist, establishment Democrats are unwilling to hear warnings coming from the left, perhaps they will heed their own advice from an earlier era.

  • Bye Bye Bernie

    According to our experts, Bernie Sanders may not have won the debate, or the 2020 Democratic primary. But he changed his party, and Joe Biden, for the better.