In Bill Clinton's New Thriller, A (Fictional) President Faces Impeachment

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There's a new novel out Monday — a political thriller told from the perspective of a U.S. president who's been called to testify as his opponents lay the groundwork to impeach him. The narrator, President Jonathan Duncan, describes the scene toward the beginning of the book:

I am alone at my chair. No aides, no lawyers, no notes. The American people are not going to see me exchanging hushed whispers with an attorney, my hand over the microphone, removing it to testify that I have no specific recollection of that, Congressman. I'm not hiding. I shouldn't have to be here, and I sure as hell don't want to be here, but here I am. Just me. The president of the United States, facing a mob of accusers.

Those lines were co-written by best-selling author James Patterson and a man who has himself faced impeachment: former President Bill Clinton. Their novel is called The President Is Missing. It follows a fictional president as he tries to thwart cyberterrorists who aim to completely cripple the United States.

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