"It's a race!" Will the UK or EU collapse first? What Norman Davies thinks.

Historians in the News
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Norman Davies, a renowned historian,  said that both the European Union and the United Kingdom will also eventually break up. 

Speaking on Sky News, Mr Davies predicted that Brexit could see the end of the United Kingdom. 

He said: “I’m pretty certain that Poland will last longer than the United Kingdom. 

“Whether the European Union will, I’m not so sure. 

“In a way, it has been a race to see who get into the deeper trouble first. It doesn’t look good for the United Kingdom.”

Host Adam Boulton asked whether the historian could see the United Kingdom eventually breaking up. 

Mr Davies replied: “Everything will break up sooner or later. 

“We were pretty close to it in the Scottish referendum, the tide has gone out a bit." ...

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